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If you can not plant a tree, create carbon sinks such as biochar, or reduce your carbon footprint please consider donating a tree (or the money to plant one which averages to be 20$) to JAI Jungle in Ocala, FL.

Short Story:

We are a growing food forest in Ocala, FL. Established in 2019 when JAI was One We Started Planting with Moringa as our First Seed! We will plant over 200 Edible Trees and 3,650 Edible Plants Each Year. We will build soil and create an ecosystem for many animals, insects, and fungus. We offer classes every Wednesday at 10AM for 2 hours or more and a potluck to exchange ideas, food, seeds, and other Permaculture valuables.

No one's behavior is perceived as perfect, yet we would like to create a differentiation within the premise of JAI Jungle or else JAI Jungle will not be something different and special. We are not attempting to judge or exclude anyone, we are encouraging what we perceive as a way healthy and non-violent for everyone.

What we encourage and promote:

1. Kindness, compassion, and courtesy.

2. Love for animals.

3. Love for the Earth.

4. Integrity and conscientiousness.

5. Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Environmental, and Social Wellness.

6. Natural Health and human needs including positive influence.

7. Mavericks and positive Mesmer.

What we discourage and attempt to prevent at JAI Jungle:

1. We discourage mean, dis-compassionate, and disrespectful behavior, such as swearing and screaming dis-encouraging words and tones.

2. We discourage factory farming of animals, to be clear the eating of (factory) animal products on premises.

3. We discourage any chemical on premises, from pesticides to bug spray, deodorant to shampoo and all cleaners.

4. We discourage behavior not in line with with orations, to be clear please do what you say you will do when on premise.

5. Lack of Health in all dimensions or a willingness to improve.

6. We discourage excessive alcohol drinking, harmful or toxic drugs, and negative influences (media or video).

7. Mad Hatters and the arrogance or ignorance about it happening again.

I make all of these intentions to serve the highest good of the Universe, myself, and everyone concerned. So Be It and So It Is! It is Done!

Long Story:

JAI Jungle

October 2018


JAI Jungle is a Food Forest in dedication to JAI OM born on October 14, 2016.  October 14 2018 marks the planting of some of the first Moringa trees of the forest located in Ocala, FL.  Ocala is in the growing zone of 9 in Marion County known to be the horse capital of the world.


We will be planting hundreds of fruit and nut trees in this 5 acre property and building structures for use of volunteer farmers and events. This will include outdoor bathroom facilities such as a beautiful outdoor shower and ecologically friendly composting methods.


A nursery on the farm will provide available species of plants and trees for sale that are growing in the food forest. We will specialize in natives and edible plants and trees.


Bambo will be planted to surround and protect the property from wind, natural disaster, smog, smoke, and sound pollution. Some of the bambo will be edible and others will be used for building material and compost.


We will grow annuals and make a seasonal schedule for the year to plant all the popular and highly used plants with favor to what can grow best, is eaten most replacing cost of food, and what customers request.


Classes and Events will be held featuring growing techniques, health and wellness, Non Violent Communication, Permaculture, and many other topics to teach, learn, and gain contacts.


1,000 Fruit and Nut Trees will be planted as a minimum over a 5 year period. Our first Tree planted was Persimmon ($40) from a local nursery.  Fig ($14) was next planted also from the nursery.  30 Moringa planted from seed (Lions Den seed).


Biochar Production on site to provide ecological carbon sink and soil amendment with potential for sale and educational classes.


Compost systems for 70% of waste on the farm if not more providing ecological amendments for soil. Rising that percentage by new methods to terracycle and consume less.


The house on the farm is for JAI and to be kept clean and organized.  Anyone entering the home must clean and organize, put things where they were found and clean up after others or stay outside please. All is recorded on video in the home and Grandma and Grandpa of JAI are always watching.  


Unity and Love is the tenant here. We lift eachother up with actions and words to avoid laziness and lack of kindness. We are aware of ups and down in life and promote rest, silent time, and motivators.


Conscientiousness is a tenant here. If you say you will do something do it or please explain why, with no remorse for intentional or unintentional pain to another is unacceptable here.  


Non Violent Communication is promoted here. Please speak up to get what you want. We hope everyone can have their needs met here with proper analysis and requests.


Organize. Put things where you found them.


Leave only footprints and take only pictures. If you don’t know please ask as every leaf is precious here. We are bountiful so please ask if you wish to receive.  We always accept donations graciously.


Volunteers are welcome and encouraged under specific conditions as listed here.  This includes visitors. We hope to uphold a high moral ground and safe place for all. Conflict is not discouraged yet dealt with immediately with Non Violent Communication.   


Manipulators and abusers will not be tolerated here. We are here to help the community and for that reason we are a safe space where everyone is asked to speak up about abuse or manipulation immediately.  No issue is trivial here. This is a safe space.

Local Activities:


Silver Springs 23 min

Permaculture Farms  that we have visited:

Mt Citra Farms in Citra (43 min away) 3/29/19 Joe and helper Jeremiah 


Planting for Our Children Future


10090 SE 110th Ave

Ocala, FL 34472


Tel: (954) 654-8419


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